OC Heart Gallery

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The OC Register

"The Stauffers adopted Autumn three years ago based on that photo they saw in the Heart Gallery Orange County, a national effort to photograph and display portraits of children in need of adoptive families. The Register wrote about the family at the time, and a few months ago the Stauffers decided they wanted the world to know how she was doing."

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ABC News

"The purpose behind the project, called the Heart Gallery, is to help find families for them by using professional photographers to personalize them -- to bring out the spirit and individuality that are all too often invisible in the typical shots that accompany the children's files once they have entered the foster care system."

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"More than 150 photographers, including TIME contributors, have given their time and vision to produce a unique portfolio of children in need of parents."

89.3 KPCC

"Tina Anjozian is one of the project’s founding photographers. She joins Kitty in studio to discuss her involvement and this unique approach to adoption."


"Nearly one hundred thirty thousand children in the U.S. public welfare system are waiting to be adopted. Most are eight years old, or even older. Now though, there is a new strategy to get them a home."

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"I'm just waiting for the perfect home. I just, just keep waiting for the perfect one at the right time. Maybe when I get older, I might take a foster kid and adopt them so if I'm not going to get helped, I'm going to help someone else. So any way I win."

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The New York Times

"Organizers hope that if more people see compelling portraits of Jaillah and other children like him - life-size and lively - more will consider adoption."

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People Magazine

"This spring, Hiram's portrait will join those of more than 300 other New Jersey foster children at an exhibit titled Heart Gallery of New Jersey. If all goes well, adults who visit the exhibit (or view the photos online at www.heartgallerynj.com) will be moved to adopt."

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"They're photographing the children with the same dignity and respect that they would give to big stars and CEOs,' notes Feanny. 'They're bringing the same lights and assistants, the same backdrops.' One boy, she recalls, said to his social worker, 'I feel like a movie star."

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