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Meet Estrella "Izzie"

Name: Estrella
Age: 5
Photographer: Barbara Higgins Photography

Estrella is an adorable five year-old with severe medical needs. Estrella’s conditions require her to be in a wheelchair. She has a G-tube placement is on daily medication to control seizure activity. Estrella is legally blind and receives stimulation from the Blind Children's Association of America. She receives physical therapy and occupational therapy on a consultation basis one time per month. She also attends school 5 days a week for ½ a day. Estrella likes to be talked to and rubbed on her belly. She will smile in response. She often sucks on her hands and tongue for comfort.

Estrella is non-ambulatory and nonverbal. Estrella requires care 24/7 and would require an adoptive home with medical knowledge and experience.